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Disney’s Beauty and the Beast conjures huge box office for opening weekend

It might be Disney’s most magical tale and now it could be among its top box office earners too. Early numbers are in for the new live-action remake “Beauty and the Beast” box office debut and the numbers are impressive. The three day weekend total is estimated to be an $174 million domestic total with an additional $180 million global, that brings its total to a fantastic $354 million opening weekend.

“Beast” is currently trending ahead of The Jungle Book, Alice in Wonderland, Maleficent, and Cinderella. That’s key as those are other recent live-action remakes from Disney. We’re heard that some fans are already seeing it multiple times. That repeatability is good sign for future box office.

With many families off for spring break this week, the box office is expected to continue to be good for Disney. Have you seen “Beauty and the Beast” yet? What did you think and do you plan to see it again?

With numbers like this, a global box office total of more than $900 million is not out of the question. We’ll know by next weekend if $1 billion is in the cards.

Updated: Among the records Beauty and the Beast set in its opening weekend were:

  • Best opening for a March Weekend besting “Batman vs Superman.”
  • Best opening for a PG film. Beauty beat Pixar’s “Finding Dory,” which held the previous mark of $135M
  • The $174M, if confirmed, would make it the #7 best launch of any movie, ever. “Iron Man” stands at #6 at 174M. That’s good company.
  • Belle is all about female empowerment, so it’s no surprise that Beauty is the top debut for a movie where the audience was mostly female. 70% of ticket buyers were female beating “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
  • “Beauty and the Beast” beat Disney and Lucasfilm’s “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story” and is the best opening since Disney and Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War.”
  • Beauty dethroned “Alice in Wonderland” as the best opening for a live-action remake. Considering both Alice and “The Jungle Book” went to earn more than $1 billion that’s a good sign for Disney’s coffers in 2017.

4 thoughts on “Disney’s Beauty and the Beast conjures huge box office for opening weekend”

  1. I thought it was beautiful. The production numbers for Gaston’s song and Be Our Guest lived up to the cartoon, which is saying a lot. The principal roles were all beautifully acted. One qualm…not sure I liked the way the Beast’s face worked. It seemed very CGI in an otherwise credible world. I might rather they had used make up on an actual face.
    Oh, and the Gay stuff was NOTHING. So LaFou liked Gaston…big deal! There is more Gay content in a single episode of Modern Family…which I also love. The Christian Right with their boycott are welcome to their views of course, but I’m one heterosexual that favours inclusion and love, over judgement and hate.

  2. Twice within 24 hours. Cried multiple times both times. Can’t suggest the IMAX version enough. Many of the scenes work even better on that scale (especially the Beast’s solo ‘Evermore’).

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