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Two great new Disney restaurants profiled on Eater

If you’re looking for some new culinary adventures at Walt Disney World, food-focused website has sent its video series ‘Consumed’ to find the best of what’s new at the resort. Host Carlye Wisel takes a food lovers perspective on her travels and brings that same eye to what others might think of mere theme park food. Of course, Disney’s chefs make sure it’s anything but.

First Wisel stops by the Jungle Skipper Canteen Restaurant, located near the Jungle Cruise ride in Magic Kingdom’s Adventureland and interviews Chef Nick Crispino who leads a team serving up a range of internationally-inspired dishes.

Wisel reserves her best praise for Tiffins. Correctly identifying it as an undiscovered gem at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You’ll want to make your reservations soon, once Pandora – The World of Avatar opens in May, the secret is bound to get out as tens of thousands of park goers walk right by it to get in and out of Avatar-Land.

I don’t know if I’d go as far as saying Tiffins is the best food at Walt Disney World, Victoria and Albert’s still holds that honor, but it might be the best food inside a theme park anywhere.

Which restaurant inside a theme park do you think has the best food at Walt Disney World?