Connecting Pandora – the World of Avatar to theme of Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Joe Rohde, Walt Disney Imagineering with creative oversight at Disney’s Animal Kingdom takes us, the fans and potential future guests, through how Pandora – The World of Avatar continues the theming and values of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here’s the first video in a series of videos that will take us into the new land:

The core idea of the intrinsic value of nature has been talked about a lot by Rohde. You’re always seeing how nature overcomes man-built structures. This is most evident in the African ‘town’ of Harambe, but also in the Asia areas of the park. Judging by the previews and the ‘bridge’ into the land, that theme will continue.

I love seeing the waterfall effect turned on, btw!

As we’ve discussed before your visit to Pandora is courtesy the Alpha-Centauri Expeditions, who are involved in conserving the valley on Pandora where humans have made the most destructive impact. The parallels to human impact on Earth’s peoples and environments is unavoidable. Avatar is basically basically Ferngully in space, we hear you Joe.

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