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Visit Pandora website unveiled

The backstory of the new Pandora – The World of Avatar land is that you’re traveling to the planet Pandora to visit a valley currently being returned to its natural state by Alpha Centauri Expeditions (ACE). We just learned that Avatar-land will open on May 27 in the meantime, a new promotional website is designed to share what guests can expect when they arrive.

ACE is a group of explorers and scientists who are giving guests a way to travel lightyears and do a little of their own exploring. The Na’vi have left the Valley of Mo’ara to ACE. It’s the same valley where humans battled the Na’vi and the creatures of the planet, leaving scars that need to heal. During that time, humans are invited back to explore.

The website gives visitors a preview of what they can expect upon arrival.

  • Riding a magnificent Mountain Banshee, guests will soar across Pandora on Avatar Flight of Passage. This high-tech adventure will offer a thrilling flight through the jungles and floating mountains, and over the majestic oceans of this colorful world.
  • On the family-friendly Na’vi River Journey guests will sail down a sacred river hidden within a glowing rainforest. The expedition will end in an unforgettable encounter with a Na’vi Shaman, a figure who has a deep connection to the life force of Pandora.
  • Guests will also be able to dine at Satu’li Canteen, grab a drink at Pongu Pongu or shop for Na’vi cultural items, toys, science kits, and more at Windtraders.

Are you excited to book your trip to Pandora – the World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

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