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Iron Fist Trailer shows Marvel’s Grit on Netflix

The partnership between Marvel and Netflix has been very successful. With Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Luke Cage, we’re not waiting for the debut of Iron Fist which is the final piece of the puzzle that will lead to the first season of The Defenders.

Fifteen years after being presumed dead in a plane crash, Danny Rand (Finn Jones) mysteriously returns to New York City determined to reclaim his birthright and family company. However, when a long-destined enemy rises in New York, this living weapon is forced to choose between his family’s legacy and his duties as the Iron Fist.

There is some controversy with people who think the character is a little white washed. The argument is that this was a good opportunity to adapt a more diverse reading of the original character who was a bit of cultural appropriation. 

Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres March 17, 2017 exclusively on Netflix.

3 thoughts on “Iron Fist Trailer shows Marvel’s Grit on Netflix”

  1. To be honest, it looks just like Arrow. Super-rich guy goes missing while traveling with parent, learns incredible fighting skills while presumed dead, comes back to take back his multi-billion-dollar company…

  2. Let’s be clear, the character is not “white-washed”. White-washing is taking an Asian character and recasting them with a Caucasian actor. The character of Danny Rand has always been white. That said, the character itself is certainly an artifact of an earlier time and, were the character to be created today, he may have been Asian. But there is still a big difference.

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