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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closes for refurbishment


Hey partners, you won’t have to hang on to those hats and glasses for a few more months. The Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at the Magic Kingdom has closed for refurbishment for the next 90+ days with an estimated reopening of November 18th. According to a Disney spokesperson, the refurbishment is ‘routine maintenance.’

At the last maintenance Disney added new lighting and some improvements to the queue as well as some upgrades to the ride show elements. We are not likely to get the new finale at the Disneyland version of the attraction, although I wouldn’t mind if they did figure out how to add that in 90ish days.

It’s tough to find a time of the year that works for downtime for major attractions at Walt Disney World. Disney has done such a good time attracting visitors year-round, there really is no off-season anymore. However, lately, Disney has taken to doing some late summer, early fall work on attractions.

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2 thoughts on “Big Thunder Mountain Railroad closes for refurbishment”

  1. So disappointed. This is one of my favorite rides, and it falls right in the smack of my vacation. Ah well — guess that means I have to go back another time! :)

  2. We’ll be there that week of re-opening – can’t wait – as it was closed for refurb the last visit. Hope they do plus the attraction.

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