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Big Thunder Mountain LEGO set needs your vote


Big Thunder Mountain Railroad is one of the most iconic Disney roller coasters (appearing at Disneyland, Magic Kingdom, Disneyland Paris, and Tokyo Disneyland) and the Tom BrickProject wants it to be an iconic LEGO Set that you can build at home. This set contains the unique orange mountain-scape, gold mine, and a working train and track. You can drive the train inside the mountain and play with it.


This is a massive project requiring nearly 1,500 bricks to build. With so many orange pieces it will no doubt be a challenge to build, but that’s half the fun right?


Okay, you know the drill. These Disney themed LEGO sets won’t becoming a reality without your help. Head here to register and add your vote.

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3 thoughts on “Big Thunder Mountain LEGO set needs your vote”

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  2. It needs a hill or at least some banked track. It me Big Thunder is two major feelings. They got the orange but left out the twisting turning part of the track. I know it would be harder to do but as it stands I see this more as a Journey through nature’s wonderland.

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