Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Trip Report


With two big expansions underway at Disney’s Hollywood Studios it’s an exciting time at the park. Toy Story Land and the, as yet, unnamed Star Wars themed land, will add four exciting new attractions to the the park. But it’s going to take some time. Here are a few more details from my trip to Disney’s Hollywood Studios this weekend.

We already saw the new concept art and latest construction on PizzeRizzo… right behind the Muppetvision building is where the work on preparing the expansion area for the Star Wars themed land is underway.


Alas, as you can see, it’s still mostly piles of rubble. Not much visible progress on the demolition of the Streets of America either.

There has been a bit more progress over on the Toy Story Land side with backstage buildings having been demolished from the former Earrful Tower around to the Lights Motors Action arena. Oddly, the backlot tour buildings are still there.


Still, as far as we know, neither project has gone vertical yet. Meanwhile out in California, the Star Wars themed land coming to Disneyland has already erected its first walls.

Earlier this summer Olaf and Mickey and Minnie Mouse opened new character meet and greets in the park. The big sign for Mickey and Minnie’s side has now gone up.


Toluca Legs is gone and Sunshine Day is here. So far nothing appears on the menu, but we don’t expect the Turkey Legs to be back. That makes both Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Disney’s Hollywood Studios a turkey leg free zone. No official word as to why the turkey legs are being pulled. It might be a supply issue or it might be Disney has woken up to how unhealthy they were. We do like how the sun from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” makes an appearance in the sign design.


It’s true that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is diminished by the two major construction projects ongoing in the park. But it also has the best fireworks show (Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular), a third track for Toy Story Midway Mania keeping waits down, a ton of shows, and the only looping coaster at Walt Disney World. I think it’s still worth a day of your vacation time, maybe just spend the morning at the pool.

What about you, will you be making a point to visit DHS on your next Disney vacation?

7 thoughts on “Disney’s Hollywood Studios – Trip Report”

  1. I’ll be waiting until Avatar, Toy Story and Star Wars are all built before returning to Disney World. I love the place, but the costs are great and in particular Hollywood Studios in its current form isn’t worth the trip.

  2. If I’m paying over $100 a day to go somewhere, I want to see something besides scrims, walls, and cranes. And this is from someone who has made the 1,000 mile plus trip to WDW 27 times.

  3. We just got back from our trip to Walt Disney World, we had no problem keeping busy… it was our first stop because the Jedi Training Academy was on the top of my boys’ lists! We rode Star Tours 4 times and Toy Story twice… couldn’t get anyone to do Tower of Terror or Rockn Roller Coaster with me… but I’ve been on those over 100x (the joys of WDWCP) so… maybe next time– Fantasmic was fantastic, as usual! :)

  4. John, I’ll do exactly as you recommend on my trip later this month. Spend the morning & early afternoon kicking around the Poly’s pools, before making my way over to Hollywood Studios for a few classic rides & the Galactic Spectacular Dessert Party.
    A great final day of my WDW vacation.

  5. Planning a 4-night trip in November 2017. Our plan is to spend no more than three hours there riding ToT and RRC and watching the fireworks. It’s just not worth the full price of admission anymore.

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