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Star Wars Rebels Season Three Trailer


The trailer for DisneyXD and Lucasfilm’s animated TV show Star Wars Rebels third season just dropped. But don’t be fooled by the medium, this show is as complex and well told as the best Star Wars movies.

From the preview we had the other day, we know that some time has passed after the ending of season 2. Ezra has matured and Kanan is still dealing with his new blindness. Ezra’s jedi skills appear to be improving, but he’s also attracting more attention. The third season promises the return old friends and old enemies, but also a new cast from both sides of the rebellion.

Well that was fantastic. The show will introduce both Wedge Antilles and Grand Admiral Thrawn! Hello. Welcome back to the canon Thrawn. There are a ton of other details in there for the Star Wars fan to dissect.

It looks like another amazing season for our small band of Rebels. Hard to believe but Star Wars Rebels keeps getting better.

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