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Disney Springs Construction Update – The Finishing Touches

Concept art for Chef Art Smith's Homecoming resturant

Concept art for Chef Art Smith’s Homecoming restaurant

We’ve been keeping a close eye on the construction at Disney Springs as it grows from a shopping, dining, and entertainment district of around 75 establishments into one that is home to over 150 storefronts. The biggest area of expansion is Town Center. It will open in phases beginning May 15th and we’re excited to give you this sneak peek behind the walls at some of the details Disney’s Imagineers have layered in to make Disney Springs so much more than just a mall. Additionally, we hear from three of the Imagineers on the project and the Vice President of Disney springs about the project and what the future holds.

I also have a few recent photos from around Disney Springs showing more progress.

Once the first stores and restaurants open on May 15th, we should start to see a steady stream of other locations added to the list. Anybody else getting excited?

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  1. Thanks for the update! Love everything you do. Out of curiosity, is there anyway you can make the pictures larger? They are difficult to see at times with my work computer.


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