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Disney’s Animal Kingdom nightly awakenings begin Memorial Day with show based on Disney’s “The Jungle Book”


There’s always one more thing when it comes to Disney’s big media events, often more than one. The first big news that was almost totally unexpected dropped last night. After the media were shown a 5-minute segment of the “Rivers of Light” water pageant (still a work in progress, but what we saw was fantastic), a special announcement was made by the the show’s producer Michael Jung. To celebrate Disney’s hit film “The Jungle Book” the park will have a limited run show at the Discovery River amphitheater beginning Memorial Day 2016. That same weekend, the Disney’s Animal Kingdom will begin its longer hours turning the park into a truly full day experience for guests of all ages.

The new show is called “Jungle Book: Alive with Magic” and will be filled with music and special effects that celebrate the movie, it’s classic songs, and infuse a bit of Indian music for good measure. The team at the park has been working closely with the Disney Studios group out in Hollywood, including director Jon Favreau (who is a big fan of the parks, you know), to create this amazing tribute to one of Disney’s most beloved stories and its modern revival in theaters now and winning the box office battle too.


You also won’t want to miss the “Tree of Life Awakens” shows. As Imagineer Joe Rohde said, the Tree of Life sleeps during the day, but at night it will come alive. There will be little moments to see all night long and four bigger shows that incorporate and tell the story of nature.

Lots more later on how Disney’s Animal Kingdom will awaken after dark, but I wanted to get this information out before another big morning of news for Walt Disney World.

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