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Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular – more details revealed

New Star Wars Nighttime Spectacular Coming to Disney's

This night at the Summer Awakens media event at Walt Disney World, I had the opportunity to see a special display and hear about the new amazing Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular fireworks and special effect show coming to Disney’s Hollywood Studios later this summer.

We heard from Michael Roddy, Show Director, Creative Entertainment, Disney Parks who showed a scale model featured scenes from the Epic of Star Wars and talked about what to expect.

Unfortunately we can’t show you any photos or video since it’s still a work in progress. But what we did see was essentially a scale model of Center Stage at Disney’s Hollywood Studios facing the facade of the Chinese Theater, great movie ride show building to the left, and One Man’s Dream to the right.

Running nightly, Star Wars: A Galactic Spectacular will be a 15 minutes show that takes you on a journey through all seven movies of the Star Wars saga via a combination of practical and special effects, digitally mapped projections on to the facade of the Chinese Theater and neighboring buildings. It will feature:

  • Largest ever fireworks to be used at Disney’s Hollywood Studios
  • Practical effects like, lasers and explosion effects timed to the show
  • Surround sound-like speaker system.
  • A powerful light that will simulate a lightsaber glowing into space.
  • Digital mapping that will route around objects like trees to still provide a crisp projection on the surface.

To help provide more viewing area for the projections, the One Man’s Dream building will be extended with screens that will be raised for a larger viewing area.

For more information about the show we also talked with Brian Rodriguez, marketing strategy manager.

The original Star Wars movie premiered in May of 1977 at the Chinese Theater in Hollywood, so there is a nice symmetry with the addition of this show to Disney’s Hollywood Studios version of the Chinese Theater. Look for a premier date announcement coming later this week.