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House of Blues at Disneyland closing date announced


When Disneyland opened its Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district it was a bit of a controversial move to include a House of Blues restaurant and concert venue. The types of acts that could be booked there were limited (Disney could veto if they weren’t family friendly enough) and the venue size itself was pretty small. We learned last year that the Anaheim House of Blues would move from Downtown Disney to the nearby GardenWalk center, but there was no closing date announced.

Now we know the current venue will have serve its last guest on May 31st with the GardenWalk location opening a few weeks later at some point in the summer.

This will be a win for both parties. The House of Blues gets a much larger venue (the former UltraLuxe Cinemas location) and Disneyland gets a chance to remake a part of Downtown Disney without a costly expansion.

What do you think Disneyland should do with the space once the House of Blues moves on? The current rumor is something like a Walt’s or the steampunk themed bar – The Edison – moving in. Which do you prefer?

(Photo courtesy Disney)

6 thoughts on “House of Blues at Disneyland closing date announced”

  1. I hope it is indeed a new bar.
    I can’t tell you how many times my wife and I have had trouble simply finding a place to sit down and have a drink on busy nights at Downtown Disney.

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