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Disney moves Disneyland Paris president back to Disney Cruise Line to guide fleet expansion


When Disney sent Tom Wolber to Disneyland Paris, he was boarding a sinking ship. Revenues were so low the park couldn’t afford proper maintenance in the park and moral was low among employees. They gave him the title of President and a cash infusion courtesy the mothership and told him to fix things. It took a lot of money, more than a billion, but by most accounts Disneyland Paris is back on track with the potential to attract more guests in 2016 than a number of years. Sadly, the terrorism attacks in Paris put a damper on tourism growth. But Wolber has laid the seeds for growth.

Perhaps that is why he is being asked to move back to Disney Cruise Line and given the keys to the two new ships that will be joining the fleet in four to five years.

Prior to Disneyland Paris Wolber had been Sr. Vice President at Walt Disney World in charge of transportation operations and before that he was Sr. Vice President of operations at DCL where he oversaw the launch of the two Disney Dream class ships.

Congratulations to Wolber. The Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy are two amazing ships. I can’t wait to see how the two new ships turn out with his stewardship.


Not answered in this equation would be who takes over at Disneyland Paris. Wolber is expected to stay in Paris to help with the transition. Anyone want to go live on Paris for a few years and help finish the restoration of one of Disney’s most beautiful theme parks.