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Awaken Summer – new promotion for Walt Disney World


Back when the Star Wars experiences being added to Disney’s Hollywood Studios were called “Season of the Force” someone at Walt Disney World realized that, unlike Disneyland, they probably were going to need Star Wars entertainment to stick around more than one season. So that name was put on hold and a new name was conceived. “Seasons of the Force” became “Star Wars Awakens,” which cleverly ties back to both the mega-hit movie “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” and the fact that Disney’s Hollywood Studios itself is becoming something new as more and more Star Wars activities are added culminating eventually in a whole new Star Wars – Land (which itself will no doubt get a new name).


Now we have our first look at the 2016 Summer promotion for Walt Disney World and it expands the awakens metaphor across the whole resort. Now the new castle show at the Magic Kingdom, the new Frozen attraction and Soarin’ movie at EPCOT, and all the amazing night time fun coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom also fits neatly under the awakens umbrella.

Indeed, “Awaken Summer” is kicking off now with this first promotional commercial.

Are you planning at trip to Walt Disney World this summer? If so, what are you looking forward to the most?

Update: At least the Disney’s Animal Kingdom ‘awakenings’ have been postponed.

4 thoughts on “Awaken Summer – new promotion for Walt Disney World”

  1. It seems like the perfect theme for a 24 hour event. Do you think that is still possible this year?

  2. We are looking forward to all things Star Wars! Our family is very excited about the upcoming expansion of Hollywood Studios. Star Wars and Toy Story? We have waited for this.
    The new summer theme looks amazing. I think it can easily encompass everything Disney has planned. The theme can carry over to all the parks, not just HS.

  3. You scared me John.
    In the text, you wrote “2017 Summer promotion”, and I started thinking they were already jumping ahead a year due to all these delays.
    Alas…..the ad from Disney confirms “Summer 2016”.

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