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New Zootopia Documentary Premieres Tonight on Fusion


Zootopia is Walt Disney Animation’s 55th animated feature. A new documentary on Fusion has been given incredible inside access over a two year time period to the production of the movie, it’s creative team, and Disney executives. The result is “Imagining Zootopia,” a fantastic look into the production and evolution of Disney’s latest animated hit.

Not only a look inside the making of Zootopia, but a glimpse inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Zootopia actually had the misfortune of being produced during a time when the Animation crew was forced to leave the main animation building for a remodel. So some of the scenes you see take place in a giant warehouse out by the Burbank Airport instead of the Hat building.


Like the original Walt Disney animated features, the Zootopia crew did some amazing research for the film. You really see the lessons they learned in the film show up in the movie.

This really is the best look yet at the modern process of creating an animated feature at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

Update: It’s already available in full on Fusion’s YouTube channel. Check it out below

Check out the preview of Imagining Zootopia here, then watch tonight on Fusion at 8PM

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