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Disney Fan Podcast beats Serial, This American Life, ranks #1 on iTunes


If the news that Disney’s domestic theme parks were charging more for peak travel days was supposed to keep people away from the parks, it’s not working. Last week Mouse Chat, a Disney fan produced podcast focused on helping people plan their Disney vacations, has risen to the top of iTunes podcast charts. In doing so it beat out major well-known podcasts like the second season of Serial or perennial favorite This American Life. It wasn’t a mistake either as this week found Mouse Chat still on the top of the list.

“Serial, Stuff You Should Know, and The Joe Rogan Experience, these shows are professionally produced. We are recording Mouse Chat in my living room with my cat rubbing up against the microphone,” said Steve Griswold, Producer of Mouse Chat.

The down to earth approach has not gone unnoticed by Disney fans and families looking for information and tips for planning a Disney vacation. Planning a vacation to the number one destination in the world starts six months in advance or earlier. Disney podcasts have become a big part of helping families plan that vacation

With the introduction of My Disney Experience, FastPass+, and MagicBands travel planning has become a big business; in fact, the majority of Disney Vacations are booked through travel agencies that specialize in Disney. Mouse Chat, and other podcasts like it, help make planning a lot easier by providing in-depth reviews and news that adds another level of planning expertise.


The five members of Mouse Chat include Steve Griswold and his wife Lisa, Chris Wood, Chris (Sharpie) Sharps, and Lauren Masarik. All of whom work with Pixie Vacations a travel agency focused on Disney travel. They work with Disney travel planning every day and are able to provide terrific insight into exactly what information you need to know before you arrive in Orlando.

“Taking a Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise or Adventures by Disney vacation is not cheap and travelers want to make sure they are getting the best vacation experience for their vacation dollars,” stated Griswold. “We [Mouse Chat] cover all aspects of the planning process and give honest reviews that help our listeners make informed decisions about their vacation.”

“I’m sure Serial and other podcasts will quickly regain the #1 podcast spot on iTunes, but Mouse Chat moving into the iTunes Top Charts shows that listeners are looking for shows that offer real advice before making buying decisions,” said Griswold.

Do you listen to Disney fan podcasts as part of your travel planning? If so, is Mouse Chat among them?


3 thoughts on “Disney Fan Podcast beats Serial, This American Life, ranks #1 on iTunes”

  1. I listen to several Disney podcasts, and Mousechat is one of my favorites. Not only do that put out a good podcast, but I have had the luxury of having one of the co hosts, Lauren, plan our Disney vacations. She is a wealth of information!

  2. Love, love, love Mouse Chat! It’s reminds me of chatting with friends about a favorite topic – Disney.

  3. Love Mouse Chat. Good down to Earth people commenting on what they are passionate about. I listen to a few Disney related podcasts, but Mouse Chat is my favorite!

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