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More Rivers of Light Concept Art Revealed

Disney has shared new concept art for the night time water pageant coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom – Rivers of Light. This beautifully rendered art shows the natural elements, animals, and even constellations in the sky. Along with floating lanterns and show barges with animal sculptures on them, there are fountains and mist-screens.


This artwork looks a lot different than others that were shared before. But I like it.

Some recent information on the show was shared by the Vice President of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. They confirmed that there will be exclusive footage captured by Disneynature filmmakers in the show and that there will be multiple shows per night. I wonder how dark it has to be for the projections to work? In the mid-summer it doesn’t get really dark until after 9pm some nights.

Also confirmed was how the ‘Tree of Life’ will spring to life with digital projections that tell stories. This will appear to happen spontaneously, rather than just tied in with the show. Sadly, it sounds like some of the street performance elements of the show might have been cut. I guess we will see.

In you missed it, here again is Imagineering’s Joe Rohde talking about the show

We are hearing that construction and show testing is going well and that some dress rehearsals might take place as soon as late March. Special precautions have been taken to ensure the show doesn’t bother the animals.

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