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Imagineering Shakeup moves Bob Weis into Lead of Disney’s creative theme park division

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Why do you make an announcement late on a Friday evening? Because you want to bury it in the newscycle. Of course, with the internet, there is little ‘off time’ and people have been all over the shakeup at Walt Disney Imagineering.

The Disney fan base has been a twitter over the news. The current head of Walt Disney Imagineering Bruce Vaughn, is departing the Walt Disney Company. His replacement will be Bob Weis, who was instrumental in the makeover of Disney California Adventure and currently leads the efforts at Shanghai Disneyland.

Bruce Vaughn has been Chief Creative Executive at WDI after moving up the ranks from doing special effects to R&D to developing projects that would appear in theme parks and Disney’s location-based entertainment experiments. He’s a multi-disciplined expert with an emphasis on story who has worked on a lot of projects

Weis’ long career at Imagineering includes work supervising Disney’s Hollywood Studios, including the Tower of Terror project, and Tokyo Disney Sea, which is widely considered one of the best theme parks ever.

Although he hasn’t updated it recently, Weis also maintains a blog. Showing he’s a bit more au current than many involved in Imagineering.

There’s hope that Weis’ promotion means the company is serious about doing more park makeovers. Rumors have been growing louder that Disney’s Hollywood Studios is in line for a makeover similar to Disney California Adventure. With Kathy Mangum in Orlando and Bob Weis in Glendale, the pieces are in place for that to happen. We know the park is getting new name, a larger retheming might just be part of that too.

Check out for the most details profile I’ve seen on both Vaughn and Weis.

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