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10th Anniversary “High School Musical” special to feature original cast


The 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie “High School Musical” broke the mold for teen romantic musical comedies. At the time it was the most successful film that Disney Channel had ever produced. The soundtrack was the best selling album of the year and many of the songs became much loved, and much sung pretty much everywhere. In the last 10 years the Disney Channel Original Movie has continued to be big for Disney, but it all started with “High School Musical.”

Disney Channel will honor the original by bringing back the original stars – Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Monique Coleman, Corbin Bleu and Lucas Grabeel – to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the global sensation beloved by an entire generation of kids, tweens and parents. Their fellow star Zac Efron will join the telecast in a pre-taped message to “High School Musical” fans. The reunion will be seen during a special 10th anniversary telecast of “High School Musical” to be presented Wendesday, Janaury 20 (8:00 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney Channel.

The cast shares some of their favorite memories and what it means to be part of the “High School Musical” legacy. Plus some fun HSM trivia to share with your friends.

Subsequent rebroadcasts of the movie and its sequel, High School Musical 2, will be presented Thursday, January 21 and Sunday, January 24 on Disney Channel. Freeform will present High School Musical on Saturday, January 23 (4:30 p.m. EST) and Sunday, January 24 (2:00 p.m. EST).

“Seeing the cast of High School Musical back together again reaffirms what made it special 10 years ago. It’s their optimism, their dedication and their extraordinary talent—as a group—that made this such an exceptional movie and cultural phenomenon,” said Gary Marsh, President and Chief Creative Officer, Disney Channels Worldwide. “Ten years later, the movie continues to delight audiences around the globe, not just for its memorable song and dance numbers, but for its universal themes that continue to resonate with fans everywhere – express yourself, believe in yourself and always follow your dreams.”

Disney also released this featurette:

Did you grow up singing the songs from any of the High School Musical movies? What is your favorite East High memory?

1 thought on “10th Anniversary “High School Musical” special to feature original cast”

  1. I grew up watching HAM 1,2&3 altogether. When it first came out, my mom and my step dad was getting me this Gabriella Montezuma(Vanessa Judge’s) doll for Christmas in the year of 2006. I was like what’s going on and am I getting a High School Musical doll only. My mom was telling me that she was surprising me with a movie, the next Christmas present that I opened that year, it was high school musical 1. I was like so surprise about it I was speechless. When I first saw Ashley Tisdale on there, I was acting like her, I was pretending I was popular, I even did it in elementary,middle, and in high school acting like I was popular. When I got to look at the other two movies, I knew right then and there I wanted to be something one day. I just THANK the HAM cast for being on Disney, I really love y’all to pieces.

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