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Avatar-land construction update – January 2016

Disney’s Animal Kingdom will open its largest expansion ever when it adds “Pandora – Worlds of Avatar” (aka Avatar-land) to the former Camp Minnie-Mickey area (plus the unused expansion pad). In our new January 2016 update, we check in on how much of the new area is visible from guest areas in the park. With the new ‘floating mountains’ installed, it’s actually quite obvious from multiple places.

Although it’s hard to see it in the video, work has started on the final colorization of the faux-rocks that will hide the show buildings behind the Pandoran cliffs. They’ve begun adding some of the alien greenery to the rock-work as well. In addition to the immersive environment, Avatar-Land will open with two main attractions, a ride where you’re flying over the planet with the help of Banshee and a family friendly boat ride through a bio-luminescent night landscape. (Click photos for larger image)

Both attractions appear to be on a schedule to open in 2017. With the Avatar movie sequels delayed until potentially 2018, there’s a real possibility the theme park area will open first.

3 thoughts on “Avatar-land construction update – January 2016”

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  2. We visit Disney every few years and we love the new additions but do you have to keep tearing down the most remember-able parts. You took down the Sorcerers Hat and now you are going to take down the Mickey tower. These are the 2 parts
    of the parks that I have enjoyed since the first time i visited Disney since the 1970’s. Why can’t you just add the new attractions to a new park using all the land you already own. From a Disney lover for over 30 years

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