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Tokyo Disney Resort Places Hold on Expansion Plans


Back in April the Oriental Land Company (OLC) announced several themed developments would be added to the two parks of the Tokyo Disney Resort. Yesterday, the OLC said it is reconsidering some of the projects they had planned. Some projects could be pushed back as late as 2020 or cancelled all together .

If you recall, the plans included an enhanced Fantasyland with Beauty and the Beast, it’s a small world, and Alice in Wonderland improvements for Tokyo Disneyland. At Tokyo DisneySea a whole new “port of call” themed to Disney’s Frozen (and Scandinavian culture) was planned. The whole package of improvements would cost upwards of $4 billion.

We’re not sure which parts of the project are under reconsideration, but we have a suspicion. If you’re going to build a whole area based on one movie, but the movie might have overstayed its welcome already, then a pause is what I call being prudent. A new Frozen ride and show will open in the US next year and should help judge the continued popularity of that attraction.

Additionally, attendance at Tokyo Disney Resort has been in a period of readjustment lately with numbers actually slipping about 3% from 2014 to 2015. Is this a trend or a blip related the economic factors? Also important to know.

The good news for those who want to visit Tokyo Disney, it sounds like crowds will be slightly more manageable. So book that trip!