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Tortuga Tavern menu receives BBQ Upgrade


It’s an oft overlooked, seldom open quick-service location, but Tortuga Tavern has been home to some of my favorite foods in the Magic Kingdom. The Taco Salad with toppings bar was a long time favorite. But Disney World has been focusing on upgrading their quick-service options and Tortuga Tavern is next on the list.

We recently learned that the tex-mex menu that had been testing at Tortuga Tavern was moved to Pecos Bill’s, which left the question, what would appear back at Tortuga? We have our answer now – BBQ. This makes me happy and fills a need that has existed at the Magic Kingdom for some time.

The new menu begins today and will feature three barbecue sandwiches with your choice of pulled pork, sliced beef brisket, or grilled chicken breast. All will be served between two slices of Texas toast with sides of beans and coleslaw. Not looking for such a heavy meal, try the new roasted corn and vegetable salad, served with a vinaigrette dressing. It’s vegetarian as it is (and without the cheese it’s vegan), but you can add beef brisket or chicken for an upcharge.

The restaurant will remain open only when crowd levels demand. Sorry guys. There are some BBQ options available at Cosmic Ray’s.

Which of these new items are you looking forward to trying?