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Star Wars Gets Custom Twitter Emojis for #ForceFriday on Twitter


In honor of the upcoming Force Friday event, Twitter has installed custom emojis just for Star Wars fans.

Anytime you use the hashtag #ForceFriday, a little X-Wing emoji will be added to the hashtag. Use the hashtag #TheForceAwakens, and a tiny stormtrooper helmet emoji is added to the hashtag. Finally use the hashtag #StarWars and a little BB-8 emoji appears with the hashtag.

Is that cool or what? My inner Star Wars geek loves these emojis!

Here’s a look at the emojis in action from the Walt Disney Studios twitter:


And my test Tweet trying out all three:


So next time you Tweet about the upcoming Force Friday, The Force Awakens, or just Star Wars, don’t forget your hashtags! And if you discover any other Star Wars Twitter hashtag emojis I missed, let us know.