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Video tour of Pixar Animation Studios campus


Keith Lapinig, or as I like to call him “last week’s Luckiest guy on the planet,” had a special weekend tour of the Pixar Animation studio campus up in Emeryville, CA. Thanks to Keith’s tour, you get a really good feel to the size of the studio (it’s bigger than I thought it would be).

Sadly, Keith was a good scout and didn’t take pictures of any place he wasn’t authorized too. So no scoops on upcoming films, but it’s an amazing tour.

Admit it, you too would go crazy and run all over the place if you were inside Pixar all by yourself. I liked to see all the ways animators and studios have to decompress.

Of course, you can’t go to Pixar studios without picking up some swag. Check out Keith’s haul

Definitely life goal unlocked there.