Downtown Disney is getting in on the cupcake craze


Better late than never has never been truer than when it applies to cupcakes. It was just revealed that Disney Springs will soon be home to its very own Sprinkles Cupcakes store. The cupcake crazy may be having its denouement elsewhere, but I suspect it will be a very welcome presence in the shopping and dining district.

The store is expected to open in 2016, probably in the Town Center section that is now under construction. In the meantime follow @sprinklesdisney on Twitter for updates.

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5 thoughts on “Downtown Disney is getting in on the cupcake craze”

  1. Thank goodness because Flour and Sugar cookies were some of the worst cookies I’ve ever spent money on. I tried every flavor.

  2. For a such a huge huge company Disney has always been soooooo behind on the food industry. This is the worst offense yet. Cupcakes died at least a year ago and this outlet isn’t slated for 2016. Hm/ugh.

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