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Pop Artist remakes “Eye to Eye” from The Goofy Movie


When I first heard that an upcoming pop artist named Donovan was redoing the fantastic song “Eye to Eye” from the under-appreciated animated Disney film, “The Goofy Movie,” I was skeptical. The original song, performed by Teven Campbell who provided the voice for Powerline, was pretty much perfect. But it turns out Donovan’s modern update is actually pretty good. It definitely fits in with the songs you’re hearing on the radio today.

To launch the song, Donovan went rogue at Disneyland filming a music video without official permission from the park. In 2013 an entire feature film (Escape from Tomorrow) was shot in Walt Disney World and Disneyland without Disney’s permission. Disney choose not to fight its release in court, which I think is a good sign for Donovan. But if this becomes a trend, it might push Disney to clamp down.

Despite the guerrilla style video shoot, Donovan still managed to incorporate many iconic places in the park such as Main Street USA, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, and the Mark Twain Riverboat. As luck would have it, they were even able to find a Goofy costume character who knew how to do “The Perfect Cast” dance from the movie, which Donovan joins Goofy in performing.

“We went into Disneyland with a concept of how to film the video, but what we came out with was much more real and spontaneous than planned,” said Donovan. We wanted to drive the atmosphere of fun in this homage, and Disneyland served as the best place to amplify that angle.”

“It was funny to see the reactions that people had.” continued Donovan. “Singing up and down the middle of Main Street, or through the Tomorrowland terrace with a camera in front of you isn’t an everyday occurrence.”

See more from Donovan on his official Facebook page.

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