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Behind Marvel’s Big Announcement for Iron Man and Captain America

Editor: Please welcome guest author Peter Orrestad as he breaks down the big news in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and what it means for our favorite super heros:


As was covered on the blog yesterday, Marvel pretty much blew the minds of fans everywhere with a big announcement. They let it be known that “Captain America 3” as well as possibly “Avengers 3” will adapt the massively popular Civil War story line. This is huge for a couple of reasons.

1. The two central characters in this story line are Captain America and Iron Man. If you didn’t know, Robert Downey Jr.’s contract with Marvel was supposed to end with “Avengers 3.” Last week it seemed RDJ had decided to troll fans everywhere by first confirming “Iron Man 4,” then stating only if Mel Gibson would direct, then stating he was in talks about other Marvel projects, until finally the news broke about the latest deal. This is huge since RDJ has received a massive pay out from films in the past making Marvel hesitant about renegotiating. This led to rumors about recasting Iron Man or even ending the character altogether. Thankfully, for the sake of fans everywhere it seems they were able to reach some form of agreement.

2. The original story line in the comics was a massive crossover event involving every superhero in the Marvel Universe. It brought about the question of whether or not superheroes should forego their secret identities and be public agents or if their personal rights were more important. The issue that the original story holds is the fact that other pivotal characters involved are not able to appear in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). These characters include Spider-man (Owned by Sony), The X-men (Fox), and The Fantastic Four (Fox). While studios are somewhat open to the idea of sharing characters it would be a miracle for this to actually happen. It appears that true to the original story, Captain America and Iron Man will represent the two sides. Captain America is anti-public registration and Iron Man is pro-registration. They will each form their own teams and face off. “Captain America 3” will establish Captain America’s team with the two teams facing off in “Avengers 3.” “Avengers 4” would most likely be where Thanos takes advantage of a weakened and vulnerable Earth to strike.

3. The films from “Captain America 3” through “Avengers 4” would deal with the fall out of having such divided heroes. Not to mention that (spoiler warning!) in the comics Captain America is killed directly after Civil War and that their is a secret invasion from an alien force due to the weakened state of the worlds superhero force (end spoiler). This whole arc would be kick started in “Avengers: Age Of Ultron” where we know that the Avengers are going to be facing their most deadly villain in more ways than one.

4. Another deviation is that for now in the MCU, there are no secret identities. Everyone know’s the Avengers secrets except for possibly who the Hulk is under the green skin. So, what would the central conflict be about? Most likely something very similar to the conflict in the Winter Soldier. There you saw how Captain America was so against the new project Insight and how sacrificing freedom for protection was not the way to go. This will be probably rehashed with Iron Man filling in for Nick Fury.

With all this, be sure to expect Marvel to drop even more major news in the following weeks. Which characters from the Marvel Universe do you want to see on the big screen in future films?

About Peter: Talking about films and comics is my favorite past time, I have often unloaded on unsuspecting friends with a couple hour lecture on the latest Superhero and Film news.

3 thoughts on “Behind Marvel’s Big Announcement for Iron Man and Captain America”

  1. I was hoping to see more of The Winter Soldier in CA3, as the opening was there. Perhaps there’s a chance for him to fight alongside Capt against Iron Man?

    I think one of the “issues” I have with the Civil War story line, is that I don’t think RDJ’s Iron Man would care enough about the registration. Even at the end of IM3, there’s too much “Genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist…” about him, unless all that changes in Age of Ultron.

    I wonder how / if AoS, and the Netflix productions will tie in with this story arc? Interesting times….

    1. From what I have read, AoU is supposed to be devastating for the Avengers. Especially for Iron Man since by the time the movie has started, Stark Industries will essentially have replaced S.H.I.E.L.D. So, this will show just how unprepared the world is and how incapable the Avengers are of defending it.

      Sebastian Stan (Winter Soldier) is signed on for 9 Marvel films, so I’m sure we are going to see him in Cap3. The Netflix productions are still pretty tightly sealed but since they cover the more street level heroes, I would hope that they would deal with a more personal view of current events.

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