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Danny Elfman on having his music a part of Haunted Mansion Holiday


Composer Danny Elfman stopped by Disneyland last week to help promote an upcoming concert featuring the music of Tim Burton. While in the park, he was able to experience Haunted Mansion Holiday for the first time. The special holiday overlay focuses on the world of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Chirstmas; so, of course, Elfman’s music is an integral part of the attraction.

In this video, Elfman describes how he feels being a part of Disneyland magic.

As you may know, Elfman also provides the singing voice for Jack Skellington.

Ironically, when Haunted Mansion Holiday first opened in 2002, Disneyland had to compose original music for the attraction as they couldn’t get the rights to use the music from the movie. That was corrected in 2003 with Elfman’s music added to the score.

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