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Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Improvement – September 2014 Construction Update

View from Crystal Palace

View from Crystal Palace

As was announced in February, the Magic Kingdom’s central Plaza (aka the hub) is undergoing a major improvement project. It will increase walk-ability and flow from a guest perspective and give Disney a few areas that they can use for dedicated parade or fireworks viewing.

It’s now September and progress is moving along. With all of the concrete forms laid and some of the dirt being back filled to make the new extended entrance into the hub, you can really see start to see the final shape this area will take.


We have a short tour of the construction in this new video:

It will be interesting to see how close the final projects comes the vision articulated back in February.

3 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Plaza / Hub Improvement – September 2014 Construction Update”

  1. Is there any chance of getting an overhead shot of the construction? It looks like the entire hub is under construction. How are people getting from one place to another?

    1. We just vacationed there last week! Main street is still open all the way through the castle. The main paths from the hub are still open to the surrounding lands. The sections that are under construction were not walkable previously so the traffic is really no different.

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