A disturbance in the force – StarWars.com Moves to Disney.com Platform


Ever since Disney bought Lucasfilm, the various properties have been slowly getting assimilated into the Disney way of life. The latest change is the moving of the StarWars.com website from the legacy Lucasfilm platform to a new one based on the Disney.com platform. They’ve also added a very nice custom WordPress based blog.

With new movies and TV shows on the horizon, Disney has promised to up the website’s game with movie, TV, and video game news, innovative features, and more in-depth original content than ever before

There is some sad news for StarWars.com members. They have to give up their old logins and register with Disney.com’s system. But I’ve been a member since the old days of Go.com and have never had any problems.

So welcome aboard Star Wars fans. We promise the force is with us as well.