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Episode Preview: Once Upon a Time 3-13 – Witch Hunt


It was so good to be visiting the world of Once Upon a Time again Sunday night. And now I’m even more anxious to find out what happens this coming Sunday.

What do we know will happen? Emma and the residents back in Storybrooke will be attempting to fill in their missing memory of the last year. They need to figure out who has cursed them again and why they are back here. Meanwhile, back in Enchanted Forest of a year ago, Regina is going to team up with Robin Hood to figure out who is living in her castle. Since we know that Robin Hood is Regina’s true love (but they don’t know this yet), I’m really looking forward to seeing how that plays out.

Meantime, I’ve also heard rumors that we will get more on the fate of Rumplestiltskin this week. I know he’s not gone from the show, but how they intend to bring him back will be very interesting.

Other things I’m wondering about? How will Henry react when he wakes up? Is he going to play the unbeliever now or will Regina whip up a memory spell for him? Hook told us that in the last year Regina and Snow buried the hatchet. Will that take over here since they’ve forgotten the last year? Or will they still be at odds?

So many questions. Here’s hoping we get some good answers.

As always, I’ll be recapping and theorizing at Carstairs Considers after it airs.