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Thoughts During Movies: Saving Mr. Banks Edition


Today I had the great fortune of seeing Saving Mr. Banks, the fantastic new film about the craziness of making the beloved Mary Poppins. I already wrote a review, I thought I would try something new. Instead of giving a normal review on The Disney Blog, I thought I would do some bullets of various thoughts I had during the film. Now, they might not be in order and MAJOR SPOILERS COULD APPEAR (They make Mary Poppins! Who woulda thunk it!), but I thought this could be something different and fun! 

  • OOOO! Cool older opening Walt Disney Pictures card! Love the nostalgia!
  • Can Emma Thompson do anything badly? Because, I am convinced she is a god.
  • Colin Farrell is REALLY GOOD as the drunk dad. That can be taken as a compliment or an insult.
  • The secretary is that girl in all the commercials! I am obsessed with her and am so happy she is getting film roles now!
  • Okay, these flashbacks are starting to becoming incredibly annoying…
  • WOW! That just made up for the crappy ones! It blended with the Sherman Brothers singing so nicely!
  • That huge Mickey Mouse doll is like an English teacher’s dream. The world’s biggest symbol featured in a movie has to be that stuffed animal.
  • Beautiful chemistry between P.L. Travers and Ralph, the limo driver. Paul Giamatti does a fantastic job in a role that could have been cast off as an “extra” role.
  • Okay, the score is making this film all the more better. Congrats to Thomas Newman on a superb job.
  • See, this is the movie that would have BEGGED for one of the “Behind the Scenes” walk-through attractions at Hollywood Studios.
  • That Perm though…woof.
  • Beautiful shot of pears being thrown in the pool. This guy did The Blind Side for heaven’s sake!
  • The CGI to put the Mary Poppins signs on the Chinese Theatre for the premiere was pretty horrendous, not going to lie.
  • That was a surprisingly intense scene with the mother in the lake! Did not expect that!
  • Love this nanny lady! Reminds me of Mary Popp-oh, right…duh!
  • Obsessed with all the 1960’s fantasticness going on!
  • I realize it wasn’t all true, but I still love this movie
  • Surprised to see all of these people staying through the credits to hear the real P.L. tapes being played! Very cool fellow movie goers…very cool!
  • Yeah, this needs a Best Picture nomination (at least), Tom Hanks needs a nod and Emma Thompson needs to win. She was INCREDIBLE!

Well, those were my thoughts during the film! Let me know what yours were and what you thought of my Number 3 movie of 2013 in the comments below. Until next time…Have a Magical Day!

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