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Does Thor: The Dark World Tease Adam Warlock Reference? [Possible Spoilers]

If you haven’t seen Thor: The Dark World
, yet, you might want to bookmark this for future reading. I’m about to discuss something that happens toward the end of the movie, so you’ll want to see the film first.


If you’ve seen Thor:TDW, there are two credit scenes. The first one is a mid-credits scene that serves as a lead-in to Marvel’s upcoming feature film, Guardians of the Galaxy (due in theaters August 1, 2014).

Sif and Volstagg meet with The Collector to give him the Aether. Surrounding the exchange are glass boxes with various aliens and other collectibles. One of these glass boxes contains a huge cocoon.


It looks suspiciously like Marvel dropped a small Easter Egg in the form of Adam Warlock, who is a key character in the Thanos storyline.

Warlock is an artificially created human who was born in a cocoon. In the comics, he comes into possession of the Soul Gem, one of the Infinity Gems (or Infinity Stones, as they are called in the movies).


We’ve already been introduced in the films to the Tesseract (Space Stone), and in Thor:TDW, we are introduced to the Aether, another of the Infinity Stones.

Could the quick image of the cocoon not only be a nod to Marvel comic fans, but maybe tease of a future Thanos and the Infinity Stones storyline? We’ve already seen a glimpse of Thanos at the end of The Avengers, so might this Thor:TDW cocoon image be an additional clue?

What do you think? Feel free to hit me with your theories on future Marvel movies.

3 thoughts on “Does Thor: The Dark World Tease Adam Warlock Reference? [Possible Spoilers]”

  1. I remember seeing the cocoon and for just a moment wondering if it was Adam Warlock, but I was also explaining The Collector to Cindy and it slipped my mind. Warlock was always one of my favorite characters, so it would be cool to see him appear in future Marvel films.

  2. Y’know, that (cocoon thing) could be plausible. The fanboy in me hopes this is true, and comes to pass.

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