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Watch The 2013 Osborne Family Lights From Home

Editor’s note: Please welcome Michelle Snow with here first guest post for The Disney Blog. Follow her on Twitter @zengrrl.


One of the best parts of the Holiday season at Walt Disney World is the annual Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. It is set up along the Streets of America and in front of Lights, Motor, Action!, and runs nightly through January 5, 2014.

If you can’t make it this year, or just want to enjoy the lights pre- or post-visit, I recorded these videos on a sneak preview night earlier in November. I recorded a 360 degree look at the lights, two clips of the animated lights canopy (one dancing to “Winter Wonderland”) and one clip of the lights dancing on the main street to Trans-Siberian Orchestra’s version of “Carol of the Bells.”

I’ve set up the player so once you hit play, all four videos will play one after the other.

Although no announcement has been made yet, there is a worry that this may be the last year of the Osborne Lights. Next year the Streets of America may be closed due to construction for either Star Wars Land or Cars Land depending on which rumor you subscribe to.

Are you a fan of the Osborne Lights? What is your favorite part? Will you be sad to see them go?

6 thoughts on “Watch The 2013 Osborne Family Lights From Home”

  1. Our kids are , sadly, grown , but, Happily, leading happy productive lives. When they were little, and there were 8 (yes, EIGHT ) We created “Xmas in WDW to ( seriously)
    Save $. ((Long story, brilliant idea))9. To a person, we loved the Osborn Lights best of all
    I’m not remotely ready to lose them,as no one has produced grandling for us yet, & our ideos were lost In a move! At least we’ll have these lovelies
    thanks to you, Michelle Snow !!

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them Cary! =) They’re one of my fave things about holidays at Disney, and I’m hoping they can find a new home for them next year, if the rumors are true.

  2. Have always enjoyed the Osborne lights, but stopped visiting them much once it was all moved to the New York street section and from the walk through the residential street set. Now it is just one big mass of people going any direction they wish and being rude and obnoxious in the process. So no, I won’t miss them if they go because they are no longer enjoyable.

  3. This has been a family tradition for many years, except in 2008. I understand progress. But I sincerely hope an avenue is found to continue the lights and our family tradition for many years to come.

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