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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Preview 1-3: Time Will Tell

OW 1-3
I know I wasn’t singing this show’s praises after the pilot, but I enjoyed the second episode much more. As they begin to expand Wonderland and spin their new story, I’m sure I will be hooked in no time.

This week will go along toward helping that. We’re going to get more tie ins to Once Upon a Time as well as we learn the back story of the Knave of Hearts. He once lived in Enchanted Forest where he hung out with a few of our supporting characters. Look for appearances by Robin Hook and Maleficent (I’m thinking in dragon form) in the flashback portion of the episode.

Meanwhile in the present day storyline, Cyrus the genie is going to be doing his best to help Alice from inside his cage learn more about who her friends and enemies are while Alice and the Knave look to be getting up to their necks in trouble. And in a land famous for “Off with her head,” that’s a dangerous spot to be in.

After this Thursday’s episode, they are taking Halloween off, so be sure to give them a boost in ratings this week. The show is struggling against some very stiff competition.

And you can catch up with my thoughts Friday night over at Carstairs Considers.