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Disney Replacing Little Mermaid Blu-Ray DVD due to Editing Error


The October release The Little Mermaid in a remastered Diamond Edition Blu-Ray DVD has run into an unfortunate bit of trouble. Fans have reported the modern Disney animated feature has numerous changes and editing errors that modified it from the original.

There are a couple errors on the blu-ray, for some unknown reason the opening title was changed, which is relatively minor, but the song “Part of your World” has a major error. An edit in the remastering process caused a scene to be reversed. Ariel is singing but the animation shows Flounder sighing. Then when Ariel is moving downward, you see her body moving out of sync with the music and she’s singing the wrong words.

The error was discovered back in August and Disney’s original response was a bit tactless:

Thank you for contacting Walt Disney Studios.

In preparation for its Blu-ray release, THE LITTLE MERMAID went through an intensive re-mastering process. Unfortunately, a minor oversight led to a switch of two small cuts during the “Part of Your World” scene. There is no impact on the quality or overall experience of the film.

We hope this provides you with the information you require. However, if you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind regards,
Disney Consumer Relations

I’m not sure why Disney felt it needed to discount the opinions of its fans so harshly. (Actually, I am sure as a recall program is likely an expensive proposition.) It took a few weeks, but Disney has come around and they are now offering replacement discs. Note: this is only for the 2D Blu-Ray and DVD sets.

To get your replacement discs, contact Disney via phone or web: 800-723-4763 (U.S.), 888-877-2843 (Canada),

Disney will require you to provide your contact information for shipping purposes (name, address, ect) and then ask you a few questions such as where did you purchase the Blu-Ray set?, What is the UPC?, etc. If everything is in order, Disney will send a pre-paid envelope. All you need is to put the discs (2D Blu-Ray and the DVD) inside and mail it back. The replacement program is free. If you’ve downloaded a digital version, you may need to download a new version of that as well.

Of course, Amazon is still selling the Diamond Edition if you want to risk getting a copy with an error. This movie will eventually go back into the vault. So now’s your chance to add it to your collection, with replacement discs if you so choose.

8 thoughts on “Disney Replacing Little Mermaid Blu-Ray DVD due to Editing Error”

  1. Just to make sure, they fixed the problem and the replacement discs will be Diamond Edition Blu-ray right? (basically what should have been sent out in the first place?)

  2. Nope, 2 disc+digital is wrong as well… and to be honest, considering it’s their error I’m a bit annoyed at how they’re doing the replacement. First we have to wait while they mail us mailing labels to send the discs back, and when they receive them they’ll mail the new discs out. They should have just taken a credit card # as security, mailed us the new discs, and let us send back the old discs when we got the new ones.

  3. Only for the 2D Blu-ray and DVD sets? Are they not going to replace the 3D Blu-Ray disc as well? Or will they only replace the 2D blu-ray of my 3D pack. I hope I get something corrected. I don’t want a messed up 3D version. Is it too much to replace that one as well?

  4. I find the wrong cut (jump cut instead of a dissolve) equally annoying – that´s probably the result of the 3D conversion (I guess the dissolve did not work / look good in 3D), thanks a lot, 3D… And while we´re at it – are DVD buyers inferior human beings? To stupid to see the error? Or why will they replace only BDs?

  5. I just got off the phone with Disney and getting my replacement BLU & DVD but apparently there is an error on the 3D copy but they are not replacing it. I think that was mention above but I was taken a back by it since they know there is an error but they are not fixing it.

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