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Festival of The Lion King decamping to Africa in 2014


Disney once famously refused to acknowledge that they were building a new Disney Vacation Club resort next to The Contemporary even-though the blueprints had leaked months prior and everyone who flew by on the monorail every day could plainly see a multi-story building going up, up, and up. They finally did make an official announcement about the addition, but it got pretty ridiculous there for a bit.

The movement of Festival of The Lion King from Camp Minnie-Mickey to Africa hasn’t grown quite so ridiculous, but they did take their time making it official. Ever since Avatar was announced for Disney’s Animal Kingdom the prime location has always been assumed to be Camp Minnie-Mickey, which would require FOTLK move. Leaked blueprints made it clear the move would be to a pad in the Africa part of the park and construction has been underway for many weeks. But it was never officially announced until today.

Festival of The Lion King opened in 1998 after the parade floats from Disneyland’s popular Lion King Celebration parade were shipped east. They built a covered, but open air theater, which they wised up and enclosed in 2003. A few years later they totally overhauled the lights and sound for the theater. All the while, FOTLK has been constantly rated as the top entertainment option at Walt Disney World.

There are currently no announced plans to change the show and the switch in 2014 from one location to the other should appear relatively seamlessly to the guest.

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2 thoughts on “Festival of The Lion King decamping to Africa in 2014”

  1. Christopher T. Rhodes

    What’s funny is that the post on the Disney Parks Blog has a comment questioning if Avatar will be going where Festival of the Lion King was and the Disney rep’s response was, “We’re still in the design phase for Avatar. We look forward to sharing with you in the future”.

    Like we don’t already know…

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