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Festival of the Lion King Relocation Plans Revealed

Back in August we had the news that the most popular and best rated show at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and, quite possibly, on property, the Festival of the Lion King, was scheduled to move to a new location. The biggest open questions where when and where. We now know the where and it’s likely the when will come soon.

FotLK had to move to make way for Avatar, which will be coming to where Camp Minnie Mickey is now. Cast members were notified that it would shuttering early in 2013, but so far there hasn’t been much progress as to how the move would be made.

In paperwork filed with the Florida water district management agency, we now know that the FotLK theater will be moved to a new plot of land in Africa. It will be to your left as you cross over the bridge, behind the Tusker House restaurant. Imagineers have been spotted in the area taking a few measurements. So its possible work on fencing in and clearing the plot could begin any day now.

So now the biggest question remains, will they close the existing location and then move the building and infrastructure wholesale to the new location? That seems the most budget friendly method, and therefore the most likely. If so, that means there will likely be a period of 3-5 months where there is are no performances of FotLK at the park. That’s a bummer for sure, but it’s better than losing it completely to make way for Avatar.

11 thoughts on “Festival of the Lion King Relocation Plans Revealed”

  1. It looks like the support buildings that were off the back (probably performer dressing rooms, etc) are going to be directly attached to the main structure behind the seating on three sides of the octagonal show building. The main existing show structure could probably be fairly easily disassembled and relocated, but here’s to hoping that when relocated the show gets a more permanent exterior finish and better seating than the infill walls and metal bleachers. If I remember correctly when first constructed that it was an open pavillion on the entry and exit walls and pretty hot without A/C.

    I know my son will be happy for it to stick around. It’s a must do for him every time we go to AK.

  2. On a second glance at the hardscape drawing it looks like those bump outs are for expanded seating on at least two sides with the support buildings located in between where the floats are stored

  3. I agree, Avatar was awful! After 30 minutes, I turned it off! Since Disney just bought Star Wars, can’t they make a Star Wars land? That would be a lot more popular.

  4. Actually, cast members were brought into a meeting in August, after their leaders had a meeting with the vp of Animal Kingdom telling them to not believe the blogs, as they were wrong. We’ll wait for official word to be passed down before getting excited.

    1. After the August meeting certain cast members with contractual obligations were told that the new year would bring changes. It sounds like those plans were delayed slightly, but you can’t ignore the filings Disney made with the water district. The move has to happen to make way for Avatar. We just don’t know if it will be a completely new structure, allowing for the current show to run longer, or if they plan to re-use the structure requiring the show to go on hiatus while the relocation occurs. This won’t be a problem for most of the dancers who can take other shifts as characters in the parks. But for the featured performers, they’ll be out of work and will have to re-audition depending on the length of layoff.

  5. I certainly hope this is true and that FotLK will just be on hiatus. It is the absolute best show on property after Fantasmic!, and the only one of the 2 that cannot be cancelled because of the weather.

    I really do not care about Finding Nemo the Musical. If English is not a language you master, the Musical is tedious at best, as the song don’t exist in the movie (my family is French-speaking so I know what I am talking about :) ).

    FotLK songs, even if someone doesn’t know the songs in English, that person can relate because they exist in the movie!!! And its a lot more colorful and entertaining. The puppets are amazing. The floats are awesome. The show is simply spectacular. Finally, I am secretly in love with the tumble monkeys. :D

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