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Update from Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Due to a poorly timed illness, it has been more than a few weeks since I last visited Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But the recently reveal of plans to move Festival of the Lion King to a new location in Africa was all the reason I need to stop by for a visit.

Up first is a photo update from my visit. We’re back to using Flickr since I can embed a slideshow here. To see the captions you’ll have to click through to see it on Flickr. When you’re there, select ‘show info’ in the upper right to see the captions. Or you can click the view larger icon and then select ‘show info’ in the upper right.

This trip to DAK was also my first encounter with the new Zebra Savannah on Kilimanjaro Safari. The poacher story has long been dispensed with, so this is just another encounter along your safari.

It appears to still be maturing in terms of ground cover and the transition out of the enclosure is no where near as well themed as the rest of the attraction. But you have to admit it’s a much better view of the Zebra.

I still haven’t seen the paperwork filed to start construction for the new Festival of the Lion King location, but as soon as I see anything, I’ll post it here.