Disney and EA to Roll Out Star Wars Battlefront, First Game in New Partnership


Last month Disney Interactive announced that they would be joining forces with EA to produce Star Wars video games for core gamers. The first title to emerge from that partnership is Star Wars Battlefront. The game is expected to combine stunning visuals, incisive gameplay, and smart level design and allow the user to experience the Star Wars universe in previously unexplored ways.

The game already has a 10 year history, so it’s had a chance to build up a core group of fans. Of course, this also means the new version has relatively high expectations to meet.

Here’s the technical stuff from the Press Release: Battlefront is being developed by DICE, creators of the critically-acclaimed Battlefield games, and will utilize the Frostbite 3 engine. Platform and release information will be revealed at a later date.

That’s the gist of it. Enjoy the teaser video below, and prepare for Star Wars Battlefront:

Looks very cinematic! Any one out there play previous versions of Battlefront? What are you expectations for this edition?