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Limited Time Magic – Interview with Scott Cassidy of Disney Marketing

Limited Time Magic

I wasn’t going to post this video because the Sound Quality is a bit poor. But with the path Limited Time Magic is taking, I think it’s time to share. The interview is with Scott Cassidy, Senior Vice President, Global Alliance Marketing at Disney Parks & Resorts. The interview covers the larger marketing efforts surrounding the idea of Limited Time Magic, and then delves into some of the details of the in-park promotion.

Of note, Cassidy says while all 52 weeks are planned out, there are opportunities to repeat popular weeks. So if you like something let them know while you’re in the park. You may see it return later in the year.

I think it’s possible that us fans are obsessing about the Limited Time Magic events a bit more than Disney expected us too. In my case it’s likely because I’ve often wished Disney would do something just like this in their parks. Space Mountain with the lights on, vintage costumes, bringing back old shows and more. When I heard about this promotion, the expectations were already there. How was Disney to know it would be tough to live up to them?

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