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Splitsville Construction and Downtown Disney Update

Splitsville facade

I was at Downtown Disney last night to catch the latest James Bond flick (finally, the reboot the franchise deserved) and was impressed with the progress made on Splitsville in the last week or so. The tarps are down from the facade and the bowling lanes have been installed. But there are many areas where walls need to be finished, railings added in, not to mention furniture loaded in and the kitchen finished and tested.

Workers were still going at it at 9:30pm when I left last night. That tells me they’re working in overdrive to get the place open as soon as they can. I just doubt they’ll make the early December date they had originally projected. I’d love to be proven wrong though.

Splitsville Progress


Splitsville construction

I also stopped by D-Street. It’s been very hard to resist buying some of the latest Vinylmations, and it’s nice to see a good variety of T-shirts hitting the shelves again. I also liked this Robot Mickey Mouse antenna ball. Although the store had hidden it on a bottom shelf in the back corner of the store.

T-shirt Pixel Mickey

Retro Tshirt

Retro WDW T-shirt

Robot Mickey Antenna Ball

Finally, I am hearing rumors that Disney World is ready to make another announcement regarding the future of Downtown Disney in Orlando. I don’t have specific details other than they will be adding parking garages to handle the expanded capacity expected with the expansion. I’d love to see the vision outlined previously, but the other idea I’m hearing about is also intriguing. Of course, they could simply re-open The Adventurers Club and a dance club or two and make legions of fans happy again too. That would be the least expensive option, something in line with Bob Iger’s announcement that capital expenditures would be slowing down.

What would you like to see happen with Downtown Disney?

9 thoughts on “Splitsville Construction and Downtown Disney Update”

  1. I so extremely miss the Adventurer’s Club. After hours kid-free entertainment is so lacking at WDW now. Movies, food, or one club.

  2. My friends and I were just talking about how DtD needed a parking garage. Any details about that other than that we’re getting one? My thought was they could build a parking garage on one of the existing lots. Since that limits parking even more, people could park at Typhoon Lagoon (since it’s closed/with limited hours during the winter) and they could be bussed over to DtD.

  3. Finally!! Bring back the clubs, I really miss Pleasure Island but they couldn’t control the kids constantly going into the clubs. Disney really needs late night entertainment for adults and young adults. Adults do go without kids!

  4. I heard they’re aiming for a Dec 6 opening for Splitsville. And whatever they finally do with the old PI area, they need more nightlife for the adults.

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