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SeaWorld Faces Setback in Quest to Return Trainers to Water with Shamu

SeaWorld is appealing an administrative judge’s opinion on whether the company is violating workplace safety rules when allowing trainers to swim with killer whales at its theme parks. The conservation minded theme park ran into a roadblock when the first stop on the appeals course, declined to hear their case.

The company issued the following statement Tuesday:

The Occupational Safety & Health Review Commission took no action on SeaWorld’s and the Secretary’s requests to review the decision reached in May by Administrative Law Judge Ken S. Welsch.

While Judge Welsch’s decision substantially reduced the classification and fine of the citation, it also contained errors in fact and the law.

SeaWorld will decide within the next 60 days whether to appeal to the United States Court of Appeals.

SeaWorld remains dedicated to the safety of its employees and well-being of its animals.

We’ll continue to keep track of any change in the status of this case. How far do you think SeaWorld should take this fight?

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2 thoughts on “SeaWorld Faces Setback in Quest to Return Trainers to Water with Shamu”

  1. This is a case of the government and OSHA getting in the way. How many incidents have truly happened with killer whales in captivity? How many people get killed by dogs each year, and we still let people interact with those?! I think Seaworld, for the most part does good, and this is part of their business. Let it continue.

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