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Radiator Springs Racers – On Ride Video and Photos


Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders were among the first to be allowed behind the wall and into the world of Pixar’s Cars and the town of Radiator Springs. The E-Ticket attraction of this new Cars Land is Radiator Springs Racers and, as you might expect, a few passholders rushed home and put some excellent on ride video up on youtube.

Obviously, there are spoilers from here on out. So proceed at your own risk if you want to remain unspoiled.

You actually have to watch two videos as there is a place in the ride whee the track splits with one side going through Luigi’s Tire Shop and the other Ramone’s Tire Shop.

That’s an amazing attraction. It looks like Imagineering has a huge hit on their hands here that will be driving visitors to DCA for years to come.

The whole land opens to the public on June 15th (DCA will be closed to the public on the 14th for a media event).