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Neon Lighting Ceremony at Cars Land

Cozy Cone Motel Neon Sign

If dusk rolls around, and you’re not standing in queue for the excellent Radiator Springs Racers, station yourself at the end of Hwy 66 at the entrance to the town of Radiator Springs to catch a memorable moment from the Pixar’s Cars. Remember when Lightning McQueen arranges to turn on all the neon to make a wish of Sally’s come true? Disney California Adventure has captured that lovely moment in a new neon lighting ceremony.

This video was shot during the AP preview night:

Apparently, this will happen every night around dusk. Another magical moment, don’t you think?

1 thought on “Neon Lighting Ceremony at Cars Land”

  1. I was there early on Saturday 6/9, and after about 3 hours, I wondered why “Sh-boo” wasn’t part of the soundtrack. Either I missed it, or it is reserved for this magical moment each night. I kind of hope it’s the latter. I can’t wait to see the neon come on some night!

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