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Marvel’s The Avengers Giveaway

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I’ve seen Marvel’s The Avengers, and I liked it. Technically, I’m not allowed to share too much about it at this point, but trust me when I say that it’s good, fun stuff. And that’s all I’m going to say about that (except for this great bit from Mark Ruffalo on his inspiration for the Hulk). (Update — Here’s my review of The Avengers!)

What I can talk about is an Avengers Giveaway! That’s right, we’ve got Avengers swag and you can win it.

You’re welcome.

The Disney Blog is giving away the following items to one(1) lucky winner (entry guidelines below):

1) Marvel’s The Avengers T-Shirt (available in adult sizes S-XL):

2) Marvel’s The Avengers set of six buttons:

3) Marvel’s The Avengers one pair of limited edition 3D glasses (we wore these at the premiere, and the press were trading them in the theater like baseball cards at the all-star game):

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Here’s how you enter: Leave a comment below saying which Avenger you would be and why, assuming, of course you could be any Avenger (not limited to current lineup or movie cast). I will also accept West Coast Avengers (do they still publish WCA?). Please note, super powers are not included in the prize package.

You may enter until 11:59 p.m. EST on Thursday, May 3, because one minute later the movie is out (opens May 4) and that is its own reward. This contest is just to hold you over. The Disney Blog is considerate like that.

Only one(1) entry per person. Open to the U.S. and Canada. If you are under 18 please have your parents permission prior to entering. On May 4, 2012, one winner will be drawn at random for the qualified entries. The winner will be contacted via email (please make sure your email is entered in the box provided for it – you do not need to enter your email in the body of the comment, but some of you will regardless). The winner will have 24 hours to respond to the confirmation email to claim their prize. At that time the winner will need to provide their full mailing address, preferred t-shirt size (available in adult S, M, L, XL) and their first and second choice in character 3D glasses (only one pair will be sent). In the event that the contacted entry does not respond within the outlined 24 hour window, a second winner will be picked at random from the remaining qualified entries. And so forth and so on. Please don’t make this difficult for me. The email will be from me, Whit Honea, so check your junk and spam folders, I’ve been known to hang out in seedy places like that.

Photo & prizes courtesy of Disney

117 thoughts on “Marvel’s The Avengers Giveaway”

  1. I’d love to be Iron Man. All of the benefits of being an Avenger with none of the super-powered complications. He is a genius billionaire playboy after all.

  2. I’d have to say Thor for a couple of reasons. The first is that he’s my wife’s favorite. The second is that I just love the older Thor comics by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby. Especially the stuff in Asgard and places other than Earth. That’s fun stuff. And of course I’d have an enchanted hammer.

  3. If I could be an Avenger, I’d probably pick The Hulk. I mean, yes, the turning at the worst possible times into a large vermillion… um… hulk would be inconvenient, but on the plus side, NO SPANDEX! And green is an amazing color… and um… yeah. You could sit on your enemies. :)

  4. Definitely Captain America. Great character. Great movie. Great costume. And it’s all about how good we look when fighting crime…

  5. I would definitely choose to be Thor since you have the lifetime opportunity of being The God of Thunder.You can definitely protect the innocent with your Asgardian Themes and it would be just amazing to have the power of Mjolnir and just thrash your enemies with one blow. And you have the power of flight as well.

  6. I would be Iron Man if I can be any Avenger. Iron Man has the most state of the arc weapons. He an a normal human being but just happen he have an iron suit to protect him.

  7. Hands down…..She-Hulk! My kids would say I already resemble her quite a bit….ya know, mild mannered civilian but you don’t want to see me when I get angry! “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry”! Heh, heh, heh!
    Plus, she wasn’t just a member of the Avengers but also got to be a temporary member of the Fantastic Four!!!
    How cool is that!?!

  8. Daniela Guitelman

    I would want to be Iron Man/Tony Stark. Not for his powers but for his wit. And sex appeal.

  9. Danita Burlingame

    I would have to say the scarlet witch! She has near limitless powers and can alter reality! Being magnetos daughter I would expect as much. No only an old school avenger but she helped defend the xmen. She’s one of my all time favorite heroes. Plus, red just so happens to be my color ;)

  10. I would be Spider-man(yes, he is a current Avenger :D). Even though I am a girl, I have looked up to him since I was a young teen. He is the little guy defending others, no matter how much hate he gets back. He also cares so much for his family and I love that about him. I may not have people hatin on me all the time, but I definitely like to stick up for others and defend them. My family is also number one in my life. :)

  11. My choice would be Hawkeye. I like him so much because he doesn’t have any superpowers at all and yet he goes out on a limb to risk his life day in and day out to be a hero and in his life and the lifetime within the comic book series, ect. he’s had his ups and downs, good and bad, and yet continues to risk himself regaurdless…..and his abilities have nothing to do with radioactivity, suits of armor, mythology or what have you…’s all about him training himself to be the best marksman.

  12. Captain America. He never quits. Actually he has but he always fights back. And the shield. It’s just so awesome.

  13. I would definitely pick Ant-Man. Because he seems to be the most underrated member of the Avengers. But still managed to be the most useful. Creating technology that would give Tony Stark a run for his money, and grow to the size of a skyscraper to reap more havoc than the Hulk. Plus, my movie would be getting made by Edgar Wright and I CAN TALK TO FRIGGIN ANTS MAN! How cool is that? What more could you ask for?

  14. No question – Iron Man. He’s brilliant beyond description, endlessly cool under pressure and can out-MacGyver MacGyver in a (slightly modified for survival) heartbeat. Doesn’t even need duct tape.

  15. I would love to be the Wasp! I’m already petite so to become even smaller then fly? Plus, I could use my little stinger to “bug” people :).

  16. I would want to be captain america (He is my favorite avenger, red and blue are my favorite colors & his costume looks cool!)

  17. Well, I’m a girl so I guess the Black Widow, but I LOVE Tony Stark’s wit, he’s just fantastic. And our 4 month old son is kinda on the giant side (20lbs!), so we like to call him Thor!

  18. I would choose to be Thor. He has the most awesome beard, and I’m currently not allowed to grow out my facial hair because I am at BYU. If I were Thor, they would have to let me have the beard or suffer my wrath.

  19. I would go with Iron Man (well a female version anyway). Not only does he have billions, he is friggin hilarious! “I have an army” “We have a Hulk” best line from the previews ever!
    The suit is pretty cool too, and I would love to have a Jarvis always helping me out.

  20. I would love to be Iron Man. The suit, the tech, the repulsor blasts! Awesome! Not to mention, Tony Stark is an absolute genius while still being witty and fun! Tony Stark rules! How could any red blooded male NOT want to be Iron Man?

  21. Honestly, I’d probably be Hulk. Because I have a bad temper and people don’t like me when I’m angry.

  22. The one superhero, would be Iron Man Tony Stark.. Yea granted you can give him the power, the money, and the women. But for me it is the the fact that he is just an average guy at heart with great mind that can create some great peace machines. I also can relate to Tony and his ego at times, plus the brash always say what you are thinking when you want to. To me, It has to be Iron Man!! But my lovely wife of almost ten years would say, that I am the Hulk… Sweet and lovable but when I get angry I become angry!!

  23. Wolverine. He is just awesome! Those claws! The sideburns! The scowl! The bada** attitude. Healing powers! Swordman, martial artist! Gets the job done!

  24. If I could be any Avenger, I would be Iron Man/Tony Stark because he is a genius like me and I absolutely love his inventions. All of the Mark I through IV armour are quite cool as well, but the billionaire genius playboy life is pretty much the best of both worlds.

  25. Definitely Iron Man. Besides the power and money he’s a genius, and he always gets the best snarky comebacks!

  26. If I could be an Avenger, I’d be IronMan. TOny Stark is a real person with real problems just like anyone else. He is very wealthy but wants to better himself by helping those in need!

  27. I would wanna be Hawkeye (even tho Im a girl). I love the fact that he is an assassin with a bow and arrow… I wanna run around with a boy and arrow and have great archery skills!!!!

  28. The hulk. Firstley cuz of his brains and intellect as a docotor,
    Second once he turns he becomes the strongest man. uNafraid of anyone and anything. Thats a true super hero.

  29. I’d probably pick Captain America. He used to be a scrawny kid who would be talked down on and get beat up but he always stood tall. He never backed down on a fight and would put his life first to save those around him. Captain America exemplifies what a hero should be, I believe he’s a great role model for those traits.

  30. Hmmm, I’d be Thor I think, something awesome about an enchanted hammer that obliterates stuff…

  31. Nicole Marie Asay

    Black Widow is a great Avenger and I would pick her if I could be an Avenger. Black Widow is strong, confident, intellegent, proud and can fight her own battles wether they be verbal or physical. She’s not afarid to be herself and can take whatever is thrown at her including Tony Stark’s playboy attitude. Black Widow is a great role model for little girls, tweens, teens, women and ladies.

  32. My favorite Avenger is Cap but I would have to choose Iron Man. He is a genius, billionaire, philanthropist. Plus he gets to wear and invent the new armor.

  33. I would like to be a female version of Iron Man…mainly because Tony Stark is mega rich and has awesome cars, and the suit/having its powers and being able to fly would be pretty sweet as well. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. I want to be a leader like Captain America because I’ve always been a follower… I want the courage and strength to face anything that comes my way. I know I’ve got the back up because my family and friends are awesome, but I am still working on making myself stronger. Captain America is a hero to look up to. I want to be more like him! I know my limits but always trying to test them!

  35. i’d be Hank Pym, also known as the incredible Ant-Man, and Giant Man, and the current Wasp. because do to his “Pym Particles”, he can shrink objects or grow objects treated with his “Pym Particles”, He also is a scientist that can create working equipment such as his Ant-Man helmet he created, and with his “Pym Particles” he can grow to the size of a 5 story building or shrink to the size of an ant. of course he also has extreme mental issues and did beat up the original Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) when he was married to her and took her brainwaves and made them Jocasta’s personality. but a little insanity to have those abilities? where do i sign up? :)

  36. Although I do enjoy Thor’s story outline in both the comics and the movies, Iron Man has always been my favorite Avenger. Although he started out using his intellect and his money for what many consider to be evil, he ends up using it to save the world. He overcomes many struggles, such as his alcoholism and his fight (both with the suit and with himself) to keep his body from shutting down. I appreciate that the character, although a superhero, was made with some obvious flaws. However, those flaws help Tony grow and watching him grow throughout the years has made him my favorite Avenger.

  37. I’d have to go with Iron Man. He’s just a cool dude, aside from the super powers and gear. I’d trade places in a minute. Thanks.

  38. Captain America. He is loyal, brave, honest, the holder of the American Dream, a representation of personal freedom, the symbol of what we can all be – or at least try to be.

  39. I would 100% be Thor. With a head of hair like that, I’d be unstoppable. Like Fabio, but with superpowers.

  40. I’d be Quicksilver. Despite the fact that many people might not think that super speed is a “cool” power, properly used it is versatile and can be used for a lot more than just going from point A to point B. It is a power that can seriously be enhanced by the use of a little imagination. I really like that.

  41. I would want to be the HULK! Because I would be able to have the best of both worlds, absolutely incredible strength and the smarts!

  42. I think I’d have to be The Cap’n himself his story is the most inspiring and sporting that patriotism in his iconic suit and shield makes it all the better.

  43. I would love to the The Hulk because I could have a temper tantrum and make it productive and destructive all at once

  44. Iron Man, or woman in this case because I could do anything that I want and have a robot butler to boot.

  45. If i were to be one of the avengers i would be Tony Stark. The combination of billionaire, genius and ladies man is without a doubt the best.

  46. If given the opportunity to be an Avenger, I would be Iron Man. Iron Man, or Tony Stark, is intelligent, innovative, powerful, and a great leader. Iron Man has insane firepower, from missiles to repulsor blasters and his unibeam. He can easily defeat his enemies with the precision of his suit’s operating system. The best part of being Iron Man is that I could get any girl I want, plus, I can fly, which is pretty amazing if you ask me.

  47. I would love to be The Hulk because he is so strong and powerful flipping over cars or anything in his way when’s he transformed into the Hulk and pretty much indestructible against any villain or from bullets etc. I think the whole transformation process from Dr. Bruce Banner to the Hulk is very cool and it would give me a good reason to keep changing and upgrading my wardrobe since I would be tearing apart my own fashionwear each time I was mad and had to transform to defeat any villains I face.

  48. I would be the Hulk because sometimes I get mad and that would really make people listen. LOL

  49. Definitely iron man. He’s got swagger, style and sarcasm! Plus he is a one man army perfect to beat any villAin

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  52. Hmm… Black Widow. I guess. Just so I could be surrounded by some hunky heroes!!! And, of course, kick around some bad-guy a$$.

  53. Black Widow — She wasn’t born with super powers or an immense fortune. She earned her spot on the team with brains, hard work, and determination.

  54. Iron Man – Always my favorite superhero. He seemed attainable, just need insane technology to be super, no freak radioactive insect biting you….

  55. I’d be the Geek Avenger. Hack master supreme, need that satellite to follow the Loki invasion force, I’m on it.

  56. Although Captain America is the coolest of all The Avengers, I would have to say Thor. He gets to carry a hammer and is essentially a god!

  57. i think I’d be Iron Man. I might not be as strong as the Hulk, but I would have extra strength and not have lost control of my emotions. And Tony’s tech is just cool.

  58. I think if I had to choose which one I had to be, the obvious choice would be Iron Man, since he has billions of dollars, a sweet mansion, he gets all the girls, and the suit alone would be worth it. C’mon! Being able to fly! You can’t top that!

  59. This is from the latest comic line-up, but I would have to say Storm. The ability to change the weather is pretty flippin handy. Think of all those barbecues and sporting events that couldn’t happen (or that did happen, in the case of ones you might not have wanted to attend) because of the weather, and that’s just the start of it.

    Forgot those jumper cables? Light it up. People parched from drought? Make it rain. Global warming? Lol. K.

    If all that isn’t enough, Storm is such a strong female character, and a leader to boot. Even if I didn’t have her crazy-awesome powers, Storm’s general attitude is pretty neat in and of itself.

  60. Thor. Hammer that comes back when he smashes something/one, relative immortality, devotion of Jane–That combination works for me.

  61. Its between Thor and Iron Man, but I’m picking Iron Man. While Thor is cool because he doesn’t really have any weapons (other than his hammer) he has god strength, Iron Man is awesome because he makes his own stuff although the orb in his body his to keep being replaced.

  62. I think I’d choose Iron Man first. That suit is awesome (I wonder if it’s air conditioned?)!! But I gotta say it was tough choosing between Iron Man and Captain America.

  63. Jackelyne Cuellar

    I would have to choose Captain America because even when he got rejected to be a soldier he still fought to do it. He felt it was his duty even though he risked his life. He shows us the value of helping others and standing up against those who try to bring us down.

  64. I would choose Wasp. She can fly, she can sting, she’s stylish and best of all, witty.

  65. Charlotte Prine

    I would want to be Thor because you have ultimate power and yet wield lighting to help the helpless and weeker. Plus you get to leap through worm-holes and see sights beyond this planet, and help other worlds, too.

  66. I would be ECHO. I blew out an eardrum when I was a kid and am nearly deaf, also relying heavily on visual cues in everyday life. I relate to this character most, being an athlete, martial artist and marksman… with weaponry being my specialty. Go Echo!!

  67. I would be Captain America. He has the strongest, most loyal heart. Besides being able to not get drunk and running as fast a car, I think that have his patriotism and strategy skills would be amazing.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. I would be Captain America. Despite of being laughed at because of his size…he continued to pursue what he wanted.

  69. I would be iron man because he can pretty much do wwhatever he wants and no one does anything about it plus he’s hot and his suit is cool because you can be a normal person too.

    I would also pick wolverine even though he is not an avenger… His claws are pretty cool he also is hot and very strong the only bad his about this is he says it hurts for his claws to come out

    Last I would. Like to be Thor because he is smokin sexy and his powers are amazing !

  70. Probably Hawkeye because he is so sassy. Also he likes nests and food, and I like nests and food.

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