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Test Track Re-invisioned Puts You In The Computer

EPCOT’s re-imagined Test Track attraction will put the guest inside a computer as they partake in a digital test environment from the queue, through the ride, and even into the post ride experience. Modern day automotive design relies on computer aided-design significantly more than it did when they original blueprints for Test Track were drawn up. Now that Chevrolet has become the attraction’s new sponsor Disney is taking the opportunity to update the experience to a new concept.

Guests in the queue will be able to make design choices for their car based on the four qualities of Capability, Efficiency, Responsiveness, and Power. After they experience the attraction they will be able to compare the results of their choices with other people in their car.

The actual mechanics of the ride won’t change, but the story and scenery will. Guests will be taken from the queue area and enter an environment that places them inside the computer as they go through simulated testing. At the end of the test every one will get a score based on how their designs they made in the queue held up. They can then take those designs into the post-show area and do even more with them.

The concept are does remind me a lot of the world of TRON, but I was assured it’s just because ‘great minds think alike’ and any resemblance is just because people share an idea of what it would be like to be inside a computer. I love the concept art and can’t wait to see how it works in the attraction.

They’re racing to make all the changes as fast as they can with a target to re-open before the busy Christmas season.