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Valentine & Princess Segment Coming to Magic Memories and You in February

As we saw with the 2011 holiday version of Magic, Memories, and You the digital projection nature of the show makes it relatively easy (there’s still a lot of creative work involved) for Disney to update the show for special themes. The next theme to be announced centers around the romance of Valentine’s Day and the Disney Princesses.

Of course, there are differences between Disneyland and Magic Kingdom. Chiefly the project occurs on the facade of It’s A Small World instead of the castle. I love how this scene from Rapunzel will play out.

Check out more beautiful concept art below the jump:

There’s some great detail in those stained glass windows. I’m glad we get a chance to see them here as they’ll be hard to see on the castle or small world facade. Someone alert merchandising as these would make great hangings or other gifts.

Disney left us with one last image teasing a new segment for fun summer nights.

Which is your favorite?

4 thoughts on “Valentine & Princess Segment Coming to Magic Memories and You in February”

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  3. Hmm, not liking the new stainglass pictures. They just don’t fit with the Beauty and the Beast window since they keep they’re own art style.

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