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Holiday Version of “The Magic, The Memories, and You” Wows at Disney World

The castle projection show, The Magic, The Memories, and You! has been updated to include a Christmas segment. During the holiday segment, Cinderella Castle is seen to change into various holiday themes. This includes the Candy Cane theme above, a ginger bread house theme:

and a birthday cake theme…

…that’s nearly identical to the much debated 25th Anniversary Cake

One thing I was worried about was how the projection show would work with the holiday lights hanging on it, but you don’t even notice them at all.

I’ve embedded a full version of the show for your viewing pleasure below the jump:

If you just want to see the holiday stuff, jump to around the 6:40 minute mark

I think this is a nice touch for the holidays. I do miss the classic Disney segment is replaced, but that will likely return after the Holidays. In theory, the projection system makes it easy for Disney to update and replace segments relatively frequently. Every season you visit the park could be a new show.

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